Hi, I’m Rik Brown and I love the outdoors. After a hiatus of several decades I’m back at hiking — mostly in the woodlands of Missouri.

In the past, my “big three” 1970s gear consisted of a Kelty frame pack, a Holubar Timberline down sleeping bag, and a four-pound JanSport tent. Actually, all of those have held up great with time. But as time goes by, it seems my body hasn’t held up as well as the gear did.

So, now I’m in the process of downsizing to lighter gear. I’m not ultralight yet, but I’m moving in that direction. I’ll be avoiding the top end (i.e. most expensive) gear and concentrate on gear that gets me 80% there in reduced weight but at less than 50% of the price of the super ultralight gear.

I currently sport a Granite Gear Crown V60 pack and a Six Moon Designs Skyscape Scout (34 ounce) tent that utilizes trekking poles for support. My sleeping bags are still the same. In addition to my Holubar down bag, I have a 60*F summer bag for which I cannot find or remember the brand. It’s a great bag that I used extensively when I lived in Hawaii.

I love the hiking and camping opportunities that exist in Missouri. So I have started a YouTube channel and will try to create videos to introduce locations around the state and in nearby Illinois. So I hope that you will join me on those journeys and supply feedback to my blogs, as well.

Happy hiking and see you out on the trails!